Fairfax saddles will take your riding to the next level and are now accessible to Ireland's riders thanks to Saddles Ireland's Service.

FAIRFAX SADDLES - Have been developed using the leading edge in equine technology - Centaur Biomechanics have been used along with pliancy testing to monitor and develop these remarkable saddles - The differences these saddles can make to your horse and your riding are well defined in style, posture and gains in jumping and stride.

We hold the entire range of Fairfax saddles.

The World Class Dressage Monoflap - The Gareth - The Rebecca - The Spencer - The Elias - The Andrew Hoy - The Harry Meade - The Spirit - The entire Classic GP, Dressage, XC, Petite, Pony and Jump saddles are available for demonstration, fittings and trials.

Fairfax saddles can be bought from us online if you are replacing a saddle or if you know the Fairfax model you require - But these exquisite saddles should be demonstrated, fitted and trialed through our

Saddle Fitting Consultations with the internationally renowned and highly respected Master Saddle Fitter Lauren Coxhead SMS QSF MSFC for the best results and service.

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