Wintec saddles are steadfast in the equine world.

These fully synthetic saddles are very robust and adjustable, they are easily cleaned and there is a model for every horse and rider combination.

Wintec saddles are continually in development, the Wintec range now uses the new HART technology making them incredibly diverse. We find it hard to believe Wintec have improved on a already superb range of saddles, but they have!


TO BACK UP OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE OF WINTEC SADDLES - Wintec themselves gives Saddles Ireland exclusive access to their entire stock for demonstration and fitting purposes.
So if you are looking for a Wintec Isabell Dressage - Wintec Wide Saddle - Wintec Pony Saddle - A saddle from the Wintec Dressage range - Wintec Lite - Wintec Stock Saddle - Wintec All Purpose GP -

A Wintec D'Lux or a Wintec Jump Saddle you have come to the right place.

Wintec saddles can be bought below especially if you know which saddle you require - However we do recommend Wintec Saddles are fitted through our Saddle Fitting Consultations with the internationally renowned and highly respected Master Saddle fitter Lauren Coxhead SMS QSF MSFC