Selling saddles is very easy with Saddles Ireland.

Take advantage of our immense web presence - Our True Master Saddle Fitter is always busy advising our extensive Irish & European customers on the fitting of your saddles.

Added to this we also give you the very best returns by far, FACT.

All you need to do is:

  1. Take clear comprehensive photos of every aspect of the saddle Front, Back, Sides, Under flaps, Top, Underside and pictures of any damage, stamps and badges.

  2. Send us an email containing the images and all the information you think we will need

  3. We will value your saddle and contact you through the details you provide.

  4. If you are happy with the figures we offer, we will email you a form to fill in and pop in the box with the saddle. (No printer do not worry, we have ways and means, just make us aware and we will do all we can.)

  5. You can then send us the saddle and we will get to work.


Once we have your images and information we will value your saddle as soon as we can.

We base our valuations on the individual qualities of each saddle including leather quality, tree types, year of manufacture, condition, potential for saddle fit and current market forces including new and used sale prices.

We offer the very best figures possible to both our sellers and our buyers, our valuations are very accurate and final. We only work in the best interests of our sellers and buyers without fail.

We value saddles to:

  1. Guarantee you the seller the best return possible.

  2. Provide the purchaser fair value and comfort in knowing they are not paying to much.

  3. Cover our overheads.

What you paid for a saddle originally is completely irrelevant to us. Many retailers/sellers over charge and rarely recognise the difference between specific saddle marques and brands.

We reset this balance for our buyers and sellers alike, by providing the safest environment possible for all your used saddle needs. GUARANTEED.


There are no hidden fees or taxes - All taxes, fees and overheads associated with the sale of your saddle are taken care of by us.

We value your saddle based on our market experience and will quote you 'YOUR FINAL SALE PRICE', this is the amount that will be paid directly into your bank account once your saddle is sold and is the only figure you need to be concerned with.

Each saddle will have it's own criteria making it easier or harder to sell and we base our overheads on this fact. Our overheads will be outlined and the calculation shown on each saddle valuation.

As per our terms and conditions 'YOUR FINAL SALE PRICE' will only be paid directly into your own named bank account as a security measure.

The only fee you could incur is if you wish to have the saddle back - The fee is €60 and helps towards the costs associated with sending for trials, repeat cleaning, administration, photographing, advertising, insurance, storage, utility expenses and of course the return courier fee.