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With Lauren Coxhead SMS QSF MSFC


Being a Master Saddle Fitter is about fitting thousands of horses and riders - It's about knowing the in's and out's of all saddles - It's about understanding what the horse needs and then combining years of knowledge to match the horse, the rider and the saddle in harmony!


EXPLAINER - For many years Lauren has traveled the country covering over 100,000km per year providing the very highest levels of service and proving her dedication to correct saddle fit & the quest for knowledge.

Due to the demand for Lauren's service specifically, it has become impractical for her to accommodate every request!


To this end we will only be offering our exclusive and dedicated Nationwide service to clients who fully appreciate the need for correctly fitting 'NEW' saddles by

Bates, Thorowgood, Wintec, Fairfax, Arena, K&M, GFS, Monarch and Custom Saddlery.

Prices range from €600

If you would prefer to trial saddles independently please see here for details - Services


Lauren Coxhead is by far the highest qualified saddle fitter in Ireland holding not one but two 'Master' qualifications including the much lorded Society of Master Saddlers SMS QSF a feat only a handful of fitters have managed to achieve globally.

Lauren's fastidious and honest approach is fully appreciated by all from first time riders and happy hackers to Elite level professionals and Olympic riders alike.

Our full consultations are for those who wish to start from scratch and benefit from correct saddle fitting results first time and for those who appreciate the need for ongoing saddle fit, maintenance, support and service.

Only 'NEW' saddles from our extensive range will be considered for fitting consultations.

All consultations will be conducted by Lauren Coxhead SMS QSF MSFC specifically.


Our service is Nationwide whereby Lauren will come to you no matter where you are in the country including N.Ireland.

All full consultations will be approximately 2 Hours in duration, as a minimum the following will be undertaken -


  • A detailed history of your horse will be recorded.


  • Rider history in relevance to saddle fitting will be recorded.


  • You will be educated on every step of the consultation process. Lauren aims for you yourself to have a good understanding of saddle fit.


  • Your horse will receive a specific back examination.


  • Your horse will be evaluated for conformation at walk and trot.​


  • Detailed measurements and templates will be taken of your horse's back for present and for future reference.


  • Saddles will be offered to the horse and rider and will be assessed and adjusted where necessary.


  • There will be a ridden assessment of the relevant options​.


  • Once the best option has been found, you will be able to use the saddle for a given period of days to make sure it is perfect & both you and the horse take to it.


  • You will be advised and given written instructions on how to proceed until your first saddle check.


Lauren's Professional Fee is €195 inc VAT Per Horse for S. Ireland and  N. Ireland Consultations.

Concessions are available for single owners with multiple horses.

International & European consultations are P.O.A