When bridles of this quality are fitted correctly the gains we see can be massive!

Fairfax Performance bridles are used by our very own Heike Holstien and many other elite level riders! 

FAIRFAX BRIDLES - Improve major and minor requests  - They give far greater comfort for your horse, leading to more instant messages - They look fantastic raising your profile - They are modular allowing for different components to be interchanged giving scope when dealing with the wide varieties of horse head shapes and intended discipline uses.

As with any high quality piece of equipment your Fairfax bridle is an investment and an essential part of your riding progression!

Indeed you can purchase Fairfax bridles from our website but we urge you to understand that they must be fitted correctly to achieve maximum results.

Saddle's Ireland very own Lauren Coxhead SMS QSF is the only authorised outfitter in Ireland trusted by Fairfax to fit and advise on Fairfax bridles.

Contact Saddles Ireland for further details.

We hold all of the Fairfax bridle options for consultation & demonstration purposes during our Nationwide Saddle Fitting Consultations.