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The Fairfax bridle logo in gold with a transparent background.
A horse jumping a fence at badminton horse trials wearing a Fairfax Bridle.

When bridles, breastplates and martingales of this quality are fitted correctly the gains can be massive!

Fairfax Performance bridles are used by Saddles Ireland's very own Olympic dressage rider Heike Holstien OLY and many other elite level riders!
These bridles are fast becoming recognised as the very best available!

No European outlet has the experience we have with Fairfax Bridles, we have fitted hundreds of these headpieces to every breed of horse imaginable, from Irish cob's, Dutch Friesians, TB's and ex-racehorses all the way through to elite level Olympic dressage and event horses.

No matter your location we have the experience to advise! We help riders with their Fairfax bridles in the U.S.A, Australia, Ireland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, America, Canada, Portugal, Spain, N. Ireland, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark and all over Europe and worldwide daily.



FAIRFAX BRIDLES - Improve major and minor requests.

FAIRFAX BRIDLES - Offer greater comfort for your horse, leading to more instant messages.

FAIRFAX BRIDLES - Look fantastic raising your profile.

FAIRFAX BRIDLES - Are modular allowing for individual components to be interchanged.

AIRFAX BRIDLES - Are in our opinion & through experience the very best bridles money can buy!


Lauren Coxhead SMS QSF MSFC is the only authorised bridle fitter in Ireland trusted by Fairfax to fit these exceptional headpieces. We hold all of the Fairfax bridle options for fitting purposes.
Should you require a nationwide
Irish visit or remote consultation please feel free to enquire.

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