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Lauren of Laurens saddles, secondhand an


With Lauren Coxhead SMS MSF MSFC


Lauren's reputation as the go to saddle fitter in Ireland and beyond is well recognised - Now it is possible to gift her service to your friends or loved ones via Saddle's Ireland's unique gift voucher's.

Come on! Spoil them and their horse with the best gift they could ever wish for.


Lauren Coxhead is by far the highest qualified saddle fitter in Ireland holding not one but two 'Master' qualifications including the much coveted Society of Master Saddlers SMS MSF, a feat only a very few fitters have managed to achieve globally.

Lauren's fastidious and honest approach is fully appreciated by all from first time riders to Elite level professionals and Olympic riders alike.

What a unique and different opportunity this is to gift a friend or loved one a true Master Saddle Fitting Consultation with the very best!


We have done many gift vouchers for Lauren's services over the years, virtually always by special request and always for those who really want to gift something very special!


We can not simply offer these gift vouchers for online purchase as the variables are many and a gift of this quality should not be as easily obtained as a click and go option!

  • Some clients wish to gift a basic consultation!

  • Some clients wish to gift multiple thousands of Euros at a very special time!!

  • Some clients want the voucher sent to them, some want it sent directly to the recipient!

  • Some want the voucher sent to a florist so it can be forwarded with flowers!

  • The options are endless!

Most clients have special requests and rightly so, this is a very special gift!

It is to this end that we must provide our service and your bespoke gift through consultation & discussion with Lauren herself.

The physical format of the gift voucher is one of tasteful language and paper, with beautiful scroll that outlines exactly what you wish to gift and the format you wish to do it in.

This service is truly bespoke - So we can essentially do what you wish within reason!


The absolute minimum value of a Saddle Fitting gift voucher is €195 which is Lauren's minimum professional fee for undertaking a nationwide consultation! Exact details of which can be found here


Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your requirements.


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