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This image ais a background image, it is an image of a horse being ridden in a Prolite english saddle girth.


This image is off the Prolite Performance logo in white and blue.

At Saddles Ireland we are a major outlet for the exceptional range of Prolite Gp Genral Purpose, Jump and Dressage Girths. We sell these girths daily to every European country including Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Luxembourg, France, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and as far away as America USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Prolite English saddle girths offer exceptional quality for everyday use and competition alike

They are superb girths that have been specifically designed to provide comfort, performance and durability.

We sell a lot of these girths and for very good reason. Simply put - 'They Work'.

If we had to choose one range of girths to do it all! - The Prolite synthetic range of girths would be it!

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