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Saddles Ireland - Worldwide specialise in the Global sales of new and used English saddlery & horse tack!

We are perfectly positioned geographically between the UK and Europe to avail of products and offer prices and service that is simply impossible in any other situation!
As one of the leading authorities in Europe we take pride in our standing as an 
unparalleled export service and saddlery as a whole! 

Our Worldwide Global customers specifically those from the U.S.A America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have come to rely on our professionalism, knowledge, outstanding delivery speeds, unbeatable prices and used saddle pricing!

To explore the potential for buying a saddle or item from overseas, select your country from the selection below!

And remember we ship world wide everyday! - If you need help, there is no saddlery better positioned to offer advice!

  • Is your Saddle Fitter and Chief Advisor qualified?
    Absolutely! Our saddle fitter and cheif advisor is no other than the massively regarded Lauren Coxhead SMS MSF MSFC. Lauren is a Qualified Master Saddle Fitter MSF, certified by the Society of Master Saddlers SMS. Lauren has also achieved the certification of Master Saddle Fitting Consultant MSFC. For more information on our Nationwide Master Saddle Fitting Consultations click Here.
  • Do you offer a Nationwide Master Saddle Fitting Service?
    Our cheif advisor SMS MSF MSFC qualified True Master Saddle Fitter Lauren Coxhead will come to you no matter where you are in Ireland both North and South. European saddle fitting consultations by arrangement! For more details click Here.
  • Is your saddle fitter a saddle fitter or saddle seller?
    Our True Master Saddle Fitter Lauren Coxhead is a saddle 'fitter' through and through. Lauren takes care of the silent voice in the equation, your horse! Whilst tending to the needs of yourself. She will look to the future and assess the saddle fit accordingly......Our Nationwide consultations are by far the most comprehensive in Ireland. Lauren is famed for her honesty, fairness, professionalism and sympathetic approach!
  • Can I visit you for a Saddle Fitting Consultation?
    No! Saddle fitting consultations are only conducted on a Nationwide basis, whereby Lauren our fully qualified master saddle fitter comes to you. Two reasons.....1. We would have the massive overheads of paying for the facility, these costs would have to be passed to you the customer, making the service prohibitively expensive!.......2. When horse's travel long distances, they are often hot and find themselves in unfamiliar territory, this does not bode well for successful saddle fitting. It's much better to fit saddle to a relaxed horse in it's familiar surrounds.
  • Can I ride in a new or used saddle I have on trial?
    Absolutely.....It would not be much of a trial if you do not ride in the saddle. When you trial a saddle with us, both new and used you are absolutely expected to ride in it, girth it, play with it, change gullets etc etc etc......Its important you choose the right saddle, you can only do that by riding in it!
  • Do you offer Trials on both New and Used Saddles?
    Yes - We provide trials on new and used saddles through our new and used saddle trial facility.......Learn how our trials work Here. However - If a saddle is ordered from our New Saddle Range we automatically assume it is a direct sale as with any product outside of our trial facility!.......If you want a trial with a direct sale saddle, you must make us aware and we will happily oblige if the saddle is one we are willing to except back in a used state should the trial fail......
  • Do I get gullets with my adjustable trial saddle?
    Absolutely. If you trial either a New or Used adjustable saddle with us we supply FREE gullets for you to ascertain the correct width. When the trial succeeds in the case of a new trial saddle, congratulations you get the gullets for FREE. In all trials both new and used, should the trial fail, all gullets, tools, accessories, covers, labels and tags, must be returned with the trial saddle.
  • How many saddles can I take on trial at any one time?
    You can take as many saddles as you like! Each saddle will be sent in one box (but if we can fit 2 in a box we will!). Each returned box shall be subject to the return fee of €30.
  • How do I secure a new or used saddle for trial?
    You can secure any saddle from our trial facility immediately online by adding it to your basket, then checking out and selecting either 'OFFLINE PAYMENT', Online Card Payment, Applepay, Googlepay or Bank Transfer. If you select 'OFFLINE PAYMENT' your saddle choice will be reserved. We will contact you and you can pay your full value deposit via all major credit or debit cards over the phone, paylink or bank transfer. Customers often choose this option when they want to reserve a saddle online, but also need advice. If you select 'Card Payment' 'Applepay' or 'Googlepay' your saddle will be automatically reserved and sent on the next working day! Bank transfers, can be arranged offline!
  • How much does it cost me to trial a saddle?
    Nothing if the trial is a success.....We send all of our trial saddles for free, there are no extra costs....When your trial succeeds the cost of the trial is Zero! €30 if the trial the case of a failed trial, we will alter your deposit amount to just €30 on return of the trial saddle. This fee is to help towards the costs associated with the saddle trial. We do not make money on failed trials, in fact overall we loose money.
  • What if I do not know how to fit a saddle?
    Saddle fit should never be underestimated. You should have a good grasp of saddle fitting or get help from somebody you trust. When you choose to trial saddles through us you will find in the box a pack, this pack will contain basic saddle fit advice and details of how the trials work. Alternatively prior to your trial feel free to send us images and details of your situation and our Master Saddle Fitter will assess your horse and recommend trial saddles. She will then work through the trial with you via images and descriptions. For more information lick Here.
  • Do you offer saddle fit advice?
    We do offer saddle fit advice when you wish to trial saddles! We will virtually always ask for images and descriptions. Once our advisor is armed with all the information they need they will be able to suggest specifically which saddles to try! Learn more Here.
  • When can I call you for advice?
    We are available to offer advice Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm. You can send emails and contact forms anytime, we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Can I send you pictures and videos of my horse?
    Yes you can - When you want to trial saddles, pictures and videos help greatly and will normally be requested by our team in most circumstances. For details see Here.
  • What happens if I do not notify you of a trial fail within the trial period?
    If we do not get notification of your trial fail within the trial period - Your payment for the trial saddle/s will be put through at the trial end automatically at 12pm midnight on the last day of your trial! If we do not hear from you within the trial period we always assume you are keeping the saddle/s!
  • Can you sell my saddle for me or buy my saddle directly?
    We can and will be happy to do so! Further information can be found here..............Sell Your Saddle!
  • What commission do you charge for selling a saddle for me?
    We do not charge commissions! Saddles Ireland ‘does not’ charge a percentage commission! The percentage commission system is not fair to all sellers and cannot reflect the true cost of selling your saddle because each saddle value is different. Why should it cost you more to sell a more expensive saddle than a cheaper one? Using the percentage commission system an easily sold €3500.00 saddle with a 20% commission would cost you €700.00 to sell. Equally an easily sold €2000 saddle would cost you €400.00 to sell. With our system and in both instances it will cost just €170.00 (at the time of writing) because this is the actual cost on average for us to sell an easily sold saddle regardless of end value. We stabilise the used saddle market by being able to offer our sellers exact, transparent and honest figures for what we know the actual overhead costs to be. The buyer of your saddle can and will be charged a stable, accurate and fair price. When you submit a saddle for valuation we will outline the overhead costs applicable to your saddle.
  • When selling or buying a saddle for or from me, will you pay the final sum in cash or to another bank account?"
    NO! Never! The agreed Final Sale Price will ONLY be paid via bank transfer to the bank account of the named seller, without exception. NO CASH!
  • How long does it take to sell a saddle for me?
    This is a very common question and one we simply can not answer. Sometimes our associated fitters will have a client waiting for a specific saddle or size so the sale can happen quite quickly, otherwise all we can say is "You never know". Sometimes the most unlikely saddles are gone immediately and highly desirable saddles can take a while.
  • What if I want the saddle you are selling for me back?
    If you have given a saddle to us to sell on your behalf and then you want it back we will happily facilitate and return it to you, however it will be subject to the return fee of €60 and we will need at least 1 weeks notice. Further details can be found in our T&C's
  • Do you do trade in's?
    We do not do trade in's in relation to our saddle trial process. All transactions are treated seperately....... This is to say if you trial a saddle the costs are seperate to any other transaction! As a sperate transaction we may buy your saddle directly or offer to sell your saddle for you...... We may take saddles as trade in's during a saddle fitting consultation!
  • Do your advertised prices include VAT?
    All of our new product prices include VAT! VAT is not charged or added to our used saddles as they are not subject to the conventional VAT system!.....VAT is paid by us, as a percentage of the profit made!.....Thus the VAT amount has zero relevance to the purchaser - And the purchase VAT amount is 0%!
  • Can I trust you?
    This is not a silly question? Saddle sales are treated with much sceptism and rightfully so! It was this sceptism that got us started many moons ago.....we had a saddle fitter visit us from a well know saddlery with just one saddle in the van! And guess what, they told us it fit perfectly, lottery odds indeed! It was based on this single action that we realised a quality service was required. So what is our ethos - Simple! We treat you and your pocket with respect. We never treat you or your horse with contempt. We put the customer first. We offer a wide range of service to make it safe and easy for you. We always put the horse first whenever we can. We ensure that all the word of mouth you hear is true and upheld. For a long long time riders had no choice - Well now you have and it is well recognised by everybody who has used our service! 'The Choice is Yours'
  • If I spend money with you, am I locked in to further purchases?"
    Not at all! Absolutely not! There is never an obligation! - You are entitled to refunds in line with our terms and conditions. We believe if a saddle or accessory does not suit, you should be free to buy again from whom ever you wish - You can only do that with a no hastle, quick refund!
  • What payment methods can I use?
    All major CREDIT and DEBIT CARDS by phone. All major CREDIT and DEBIT CARDS online. Pay Link. Apple Pay Google Pay PayPal Bank Transfer by request.
  • Can I review your Privacy Policy?
    You can review our privacy policy Here.


Thankyou we will be back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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