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A background image of a Thorowgood saddle demonstrating the knee and thigh blocks on a horse riding saddle.


Saddle knee and thigh blocks for Jump, Dressage and GP General Purpose English style riding saddles aid security and rider position.

Virtually all modern day adjustable saddles feature velcro for the easy positioning and size changing of knee and thigh blocks.

The knee and thigh blocks we sell are universal and can be used on any brand of saddle in any combination!

The saddle blocks we offer are the largest selection in online and offer the very best in quality, function, value and range.

We sell the leather versions by Bates, Arena and GFS and the Synthetic versions by Kent and Masters, Thorowgood and Wintec.
The Wintec Dressage Flexiblocs are the option for the Wintec Isabell Dressage saddles and the GFS leather Jump block set provides exceptional value for money

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