This is where you will find that bargain. Be under no illusion, the saddles in this section are most certainly viable options, we would not sell them otherwise.

Very often we cannot believe that a saddle makes it to this section. Maybe a saddle is in this section because the owner needs it gone quickly. Maybe a saddle is in this section because there is a large number of them on the open market de-valuing the end price. Maybe a saddle made this section just because it has not found a home and the owner would like it to do so as soon as possible.

No matter what the reason for a saddle to find itself in this section we can assure you we do not sell broken or defective saddles. All of our saddles are fit for purpose, square and serviceable. All are checked and signed off by our endorsed Master Saddle Fitter.

All of these saddles are afforded the exact same trial facility as any other saddle on our website. If you do not like it or it does not fit, then worry not.

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