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An image of a saddle fitter changing the gullet plate bar in a english adjustable saddle.


Saddle gullet plates and bars offer the ability to easily adjust a saddle width for horses going in and out of seasons, horses enduring high or low work loads, growing horses, remedial and general saddle fitting situations.

Professional stables and yards, horse trainers & riders using multiple horses tend to use adjustable gullet saddles.

At Saddle's Ireland we believe all saddles will eventually be adjustable at the gullet or head of the saddle, simply because this adjustability offers a versatility that fixed gullet saddles will never match.


Bates, Fairfax, Wintec, Kent & Masters, Arena, Thorowgood, K&M, Ideal and GFS offer the very best changeable gullet plate and bar systems! At Saddles Ireland we sell many gullet plates and bars each week, we send them to every corner of Europe, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal in fact all European countries and across the Globe!

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