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Fairfax, Thorowgood and Kent & Masters, 'R' and 'S' Gullet Bar Plates & Screws.

The adjustable saddles created by Fairfax, K&M and Thorowgood use an adjustable gullet plate system. The gullet bar plates that set the width of these saddles come in two sizes which are model dependent and are known as either the 'R' or 'S' bar. These strong colour coded bars are held in place with threaded alan key screws.

image showing fairfax Kent and masters thorowgood gullet bar plate change

In this article we will very briefly explore why you really should be considering using an adjustable saddle and we will clearly show which of the gullet bars are used in each of the saddles and the colour coding that applies to the various widths available. have been selling the Fairfax, K&M and Thorowgood range of saddles for many many years. These saddles have proven themselves to be very reliable and instrumental