Part 3 - Bates, Wintec and Arena - Horse and Rider Technologies - The HART System.

The Definitive Guide to the Horse and Rider Technologies that are employed in the Bates, Wintec and Arena Range of Saddles - This is everything you will need to know about HART.

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series exploring the systems used in the Bates, Wintec and Arena saddles, and how amazingly adjustable and adaptable these saddles actually are and how this benefits you and your horse.

Bates, Wintec and Arena saddles employ several layers of adjustability and state of the art technologies. Collectively these technologies are known as HART or (H)orse (A)nd (R)ider (T)echnologies.

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Part 3 - Bates, Wintec and Arena - Horse And Rider Technologies - The HART System

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Saddles Ireland are experts in the supply of new and used saddles. We have fitted thousands of saddles and have decades worth of experience in all saddle brands and their models. It's for this reason that we are recognised as Ireland's leading saddle experts and able to advise you on all matters that are saddle related.

The aim of this guide is to answer any questions you may have on the HART System used by Bates, Wintec and Arena branded saddles. If you are new to this System, you will learn why you really should be considering it.

We sympathise with every rider who has issues with saddle fit. It's a tricky thing! But it's not all doom and gloom. There are things you can do to empower yourself and your saddle fitting prowess. A major thing you can do is to use an adjustable saddle system.

After fitting every combination of horse and rider, we have come to the conclusion that adjustable saddles are the way forward, without doubt.

We believe every saddle will be adjustable in the future. Indeed world leading Brands such as Bates, Fairfax, Wintec, Kent and Masters, GFS, Thorowgood, Ideal and Arena all produce adjustable saddles. Some, such as Bates, have been producing adjustable saddles for well over 40 years.

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What is HART?

Which Saddles Use the HART System?

What Specifically are the Technologies Used in the HART System?

Does the HART Technology Guarantee a Matching Fit for Me and My Horse?

In Summary


What is HART?

HART is a combined group of advancements and technologies that are utilised exclusively in the Bates, Arena and Wintec range of saddles to achieve optimal performance for both horse and rider.

H.A.R.T is an acronym for 'Horse And Rider Technology'.

HART as a collective aims to address the 5 major aspects that every saddle 'should' combine -

  1. Rider Position

  2. Your Horses Freedom of Movement

  3. The Connection Between Horse and Rider

  4. Horse and Rider Comfort

  5. Overall Saddle Fit

Bates, Wintec and more recently Arena saddles are very much at the forefront of saddle advancement and design.

For many years, over 40 years in the case of Bates, these brands have been working hard to improve their saddles. In doing so the company has developed some exceptionally good and class leading designs.

This in turn has resulted in a combination of systems that are both extensive and extensively tested.

Let it be understood as fact that the technologies and systems in discussion are absolutely not gimmicks.

"As True Master Saddle Fitters who fit thousands of horses with all brands of saddles, both new and used, we have proven time and time again, that the features used in the Bates, Wintec and Arena saddles do in fact work together staggeringly well to enhance saddle fit, comfort and adjustability".

Which Saddles Use the HART System!

Virtually all Bates, Wintec and Arena saddles employ the HART technology in full.

The HART technologies are exclusively used in the Bates, Arena and Wintec range of saddles 'ONLY'.

HART is not used in any other brand of saddles.

The full HART system is used in all Bates, Arena and most Wintec saddles by default. However there are one or two saddles such as the Wintec 250 All Purpose GP, the Bates and Wintec Stock Saddles and the Wintec Kids Saddle that employ limited aspects of the HART system.

Only the saddles that bare the HART logo use the technologies in full combination.

HART, Horse And Rider Technology Logo for BAtes Wintec and Arena Horse Saddles

What Specifically are the Technologies Used in the HART System?

"The HART technologies used in the Bates, Arena and Wintec saddles work beautifully in combination, but any one of them singularly would work exceptionally well also".

The individual components of the HART technologies range from fairly standard to just down right ingenious.

None of the technologies are flimsy or gimmicky.

Regardless of brand, we believe that as ambassadors and true purveyors of correct saddle fit and it's importance, it is our duty to praise and raise the profile of any outstanding advancements in saddle technologies! Especially those that work towards increased saddle fit potential, increased comfort and increased performance for both the horse and the rider.

We truly believe the following technologies used in the HART collective do just that.

1. The Elastiflex™ Tree -