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The image is of a brown horse being ridden in a Prolite riding saddle girth.


Saddles Ireland's European, American, Canadian and Worldwide customers trust us implicitly to offer the best horse riding girths, dressage girths and saddle girths available to suit all levels of budget!  
To this end our equestrian girths have been carefully chosen through experience and in consultation with the very best saddle fitters and equine professionals alike!

When you are choosing girths for consideration you should take in to account the anatomical nature! Is the girth elasticated or non-elasticated? Does it have non chafing or chafeless characteristics? and in the case of the Prolite girths do you need a narrow or standard gauge ?

All of the girths we offer for sale strike the very best balance between quality, function and value, such as the sublime Fairfax girths, the functional Prolite girths and the practical everyday girths by Thorowgood and Wintec. Added to these we are happy to offer girths for sale online by GFS & Ideal based on their superb build quality and value.

We do understand that the world of girths can be 
confusing, there is no need to worry, we help riders daily with the pros and cons of girth selection.
If you need help, just ask, we are here for you!

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