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Commissioned by the BEF to improve the comfort of Team GB horses during the long journey to Rio, this headcollar is based on two and half years’ of scientific research.

It features the Fairfax headpiece which significantly reduces pressure and enables the horse’s swallow mechanism to operate comfortably when eating & drinking during travel.

The Rio Headcollar is:

  • Cushioned with pressure-absorbing Prolite on the headpiece, cheek pieces and noseband
  • 30% lighter than most other travel headcollars generally used
  • Hand made in our Walsall factory from Sedgwick's first selection leather using quality brass fittings

Fairfax headcollars have a engraved brass nameplate included with each headcollar.


Colour    Black, Brown


(For ponies and small headed horses)

(For horses in full size bridles or large Fairfax Performance bridle)

(For large heads in extra full bridle or XL Fairfax Performance Bridle)


€250.00 Regular Price
€240.00Sale Price

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