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Fairfax Performance Patent Bridle Browbands are only available in Black.

Please note: The Fairfax performance browbands are only compatible with the Fairfax performance range of bridles.

As a general rule the standard browband sizes fit the fine and standard bridles and the extra large browbands fit the standard and large Bridles - It is very rare to use an extra extra large browband.


The width and thickness of the browbands are identical no matter the size - Only the length changes!


Standard Browbands are 16" - 41cm, the Extra Large 17" - 43cm and the Extra Extra Large are 18" - 46cm in length.


€25.00 Regular Price
€24.00Sale Price

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    PRE-ORDER - Fairfax products usually ship within 2 - 3 weeks.


    Use the blue 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button for detailed advice & pre-order specifics.

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