The original New Saddle Trial Facility.

We are astounded how many riders buy NEW saddles from unscrupulous retailers without knowing if they fit or not!

The new modern adjustable saddles are the way forward without doubt. We have come to this conclusion after fitting thousands of saddles through our past True Master Saddle Fitting Consultations. The benefits far out weight the more traditional fixed saddle options.

All of the New trial saddles below are available for trials in S.Ireland.

DO NOT WORRY - If your seat size or colour is not available in our trial range!

Because from the 'Generic' trial saddles below you can keep the trial saddle if it suits OR we can order a brand new saddle for you once you have made sure you are 100% satisfied with the tree shape and other specifics.

Should you wish to explore multiple options from our premium range of saddles & benefit from the very highest level of True Master Saddle Fitting then you should visit the following link to learn how we achieve our outstanding level of success......'TRUE MASTER SADDLE FITTING'

We are uploading saddles daily to our our new trial facility - Check Back for new additions.