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Introducing the WRS French Debut Jump Saddle, the latest innovation brought to you by Walsall Riding Saddles. This exceptional saddle is the epitome of craftsmanship, combining cutting-edge design with timeless elegance to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.


At the heart of the French Debut Jump Saddle lies a remarkably flat tree and close contact panel. Carefully crafted with precision, these features provide a seamless connection between horse and rider, enhancing communication and allowing for a heightened level of responsiveness. This saddle is designed to make you feel as if you are an extension of your horse, promoting harmony and optimal performance.


The French Debut Jump Saddle showcases a revolutionary tree inspired by the highly acclaimed Ideal Styletta Dressage saddle. This innovative adaptation offers riders a closer feel, allowing for a heightened sense of connection and control. By incorporating the traditional styling elements of a classic jump saddle, WRS has created a harmonious blend of modern technology and timeless aesthetics.


Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the French Debut Jump Saddle features luxurious materials that exude sophistication. The soft Pig Print leather provides a supple and durable exterior, ensuring longevity and resilience. The French Calf seat and knee pads add an extra touch of elegance, enveloping the rider in comfort and style.


€2,340.00 Regular Price
€2,246.40Sale Price

    WRS Walsall Riding Saddles can not be ordered online and will never be in stock on our website because -



    • They require our specialised and professional guidance before you order.


    • These saddles have huge potential for customisation.


    • These saddles will require a custom production order.


    • Your rights of return will be affected.



    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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