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This saddle includes a fitted gullet of your choice and 2 FREE extra gullets worth €60.00

This saddle is either brand new or only trialled and used for demonstration purposes a handful of times. The pictures are up to date images.


This saddle is sold with full manufacturer warranties.


Introducing the Wintec Isabell Icon Dressage saddle, a saddle designed in collaboration with World Dressage Champion Isabell Werth and crafted to meet the demands of serious dressage riders. This saddle incorporates HART Technology Panels and the easy change gullet system, ensuring optimal fit and performance.


The Wintec Icon Dressage saddle features an ultra-deep and grippy seat, meticulously crafted to provide the rider with exceptional comfort and balance. Designed with input from Isabell Werth herself, this saddle allows you to focus on your aids and maintain a harmonious connection with your horse. You can fine-tune your position and comfort by adjusting the stirrup bar to your desired setting.


Communication with your horse becomes effortless in the Wintec Isabell Icon Dressage saddle. Its high-performance design enables your leg to find a natural groove, facilitating clear and precise contact with your horse. The super-soft panels of the saddle conform to your horse's muscles, hugging their unique conformation and allowing for unparalleled freedom of movement during dressage training and competition.


Isabell Werth, a highly accomplished rider, proudly attests that most of her successes have been achieved while riding in a Wintec saddle. By choosing the Wintec Icon saddle, you can join the ranks of winning partnerships in the dressage arena.


The Wintec Isabell Icon Dressage saddle incorporates world-leading HART performance systems, including the CAIR Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution. These innovative technologies provide flexibility in achieving a customized fit and ensure fluid cushioning for your horse's absolute comfort. With these systems in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your horse's well-being is prioritized.


Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and performance of the Wintec Icon Isabell Dressage saddle. With its advanced features and collaboration with a world-renowned rider, this saddle is designed to elevate your dressage journey and support your aspirations. Ride with confidence, precision, and the utmost comfort in the Wintec Isabell Icon Dressage saddle, and embark on a winning partnership with your horse.


Isabell Werth's high-performance saddle | Adjustable stirrup bar | Super-soft deep seat | Changeable stirrup keeper | Super-soft panels | Over girth | HART


SKU: NT66N3527
€1,692.00 Regular Price
€1,624.32Sale Price

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