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Prolite now supply their adjustable pads with only the Thin 1/4" shims, as they believe that the Thin 1/4" shims are suitable for virtually all saddle fitting situations.

Individual thick and thin shims are available to purchase seperately if required. Please contact us or see the seperate listing for details.


Prolite pads have proven to be remarkable in the rehabilitation of horses and ponies by creating protective boundaries where required - Prolite pads are high quality well designed products that are used by the worlds very best saddle fitters.

Based on a thin wide pad to minimise bulk, this is a slimmed down version of our popular adjustable pad affectionately known as “the saddle fitter’s friend”. The Tri pad is available in Black and White.

This pad provides quick easy front or rear adjustment when trying to balance a saddle. It is set on a thin base to keep bulk to a minimum, this three-pocketed pad provides endless solutions when trying to balance a saddle on a horse with asymmetric conformation or during a remedial fit.

This pad is also helpful for the sway backed or croup high horse.


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€94.08Sale Price

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