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Introducing the Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GP General Purpose Saddle – a versatile masterpiece designed to cater to your unique comfort preferences. Whether you're seeking a wider, more accommodating seat or your equine partner has a higher wither profile, this saddle stands as the embodiment of equestrian adaptability. As an excellent alternative to our Compact GP, the S-Series Universal GP Saddle offers a wider, flatter seat that resonates with riders who appreciate a sense of spaciousness.


This saddle is a harmonious blend of form and function, meticulously crafted to ensure your riding experience is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you're exploring the countryside, engaging in flatwork, or even a little jumping, the S-Series Universal GP Saddle offers a balanced and supportive foundation for your equestrian pursuits.


If you're someone who relishes the feeling of "more room" in the seat or if you possess a wider hip structure, this saddle is tailor-made for you. Its design emphasises comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to find your ideal position without any constraints. The wider, flatter seat is a welcoming embrace, ensuring that every moment in the saddle is characterized by relaxation and confidence.


The Kent & Masters S-Series Universal GP Saddle acknowledges that individuality extends beyond the rider – it extends to the horse as well. The availability of a High Wither option caters to equine companions with elevated wither profiles. This adaptability ensures that your horse's well-being is prioritised, while also optimising saddle fit and contact.


As your horse's physique evolves through training, muscle development, maturity, or rest, the saddle remains a steadfast companion, adjusting effortlessly to cater to their needs with the help of the changable gullet bar system. 


This saddle is a testament to Kent & Masters' commitment to providing options that cater to the diverse needs of riders and horses alike. Its distinction from the Compact GP lies in its spacious seat, offering riders who prefer a more open and unrestricted feel the ideal platform for comfort and control.


One of the hallmark features of this exceptional saddle is the incorporation of premium materials, with 100%  wool flocking at its core. Renowned for its unparalleled comfort and malleability, wool ensures your horse experiences optimal softness and support. This natural fiber molds to your horse's back swiftly, promoting a seamless connection and allowing for enhanced performance during your rides.


Embrace the Kent & Masters legacy of quality and innovation as you discover the S-Series Universal GP Saddle. It's more than just a saddle – it's a canvas for your riding aspirations, designed to offer the roominess and support you desire. Whether you're a leisurely rider or an enthusiast of various disciplines, this saddle is a faithful companion that adjusts to your unique riding style.


  • An alternative seat shape to the Compact GP which makes it a viable option for those who find the neat, compact seat doesn’t suit them.
  • Two panel options: Standard-wither for horses with a medium wither profile, or high-wither gusset option.
  • A generous panel with a good bearing surface, and wide channel for spine clearance.
  • Velcro knee rolls under the flap can be positioned to suit your leg length and position.
  • Ghosted stitching on the knee pad helps it contour neatly around the block for added comfort.
  • Four girthing arrangements allow saddle stability to be optimised instantly


ColourBlack, Brown
Seat Size17, 17½, 18
Conformation   Standard and High Wither


€1,350.00 Regular Price
€1,296.00Sale Price
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