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A jumping version of the Ideal 1550 GPD saddle, which provides a wider seat with all the benefits.

It has ghost pad-lines to enable fold in the soft knee-pads to ensure comfort and security.

This saddle also has adjustable thigh blocks which are held in place by hook and loop fastening and has proved to be very popular with the hunting fraternity.


€2,150.00 Regular Price
€2,064.00Sale Price

    With the exception of the T&T range, Ideal saddles can not be ordered online and will never be in stock on our website because -


    • They require our specialised and professional guidance before you order.


    • These saddles have huge potential for customisation.


    • These saddles will require a custom production order.


    • Your rights of return will be affected.



    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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