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These are 'NOT' trial saddles and are available for direct purchase only!


You should only purchase this saddle if you are sure this is the saddle you require.


If you have any doubts we suggest you contact us for advice.


  • X-Change Gullet System 
  • Siliconized Wool Flock 
  • X-Change Girthing Option 
  • Polymer Synthetic Saddle Tree
  • Front Gusset To Enable Fit Adjustment



The GFS Monarch Suede Trophy Pony Show Saddle is a classic choice tailored for lead rein and first ridden ponies in the working Hunter Show categories. This saddle showcases a traditional design, focusing on a low-profile flat seat that offers a tidy and understated look, enhancing the overall presentation in the show ring.


Designed to provide stability for young riders, this model features a suede seat and knee, adding an extra layer of security and grip. The suede material aids in maintaining a stable riding position, ensuring the rider's confidence and control.


The GFS Monarch Suede Trophy Pony Show Saddle boasts removable and adjustable knee blocks. These knee blocks are strategically placed to promote rider stability, enabling young riders to maintain proper balance during their performance.


The saddle incorporates a flexible V-shaped girthing system that contributes to both stability and a perfect fit. This feature ensures that the saddle stays securely in place, allowing the young rider to focus on their performance without any distractions.


In essence, the GFS Monarch Suede Trophy Pony Show Saddle encapsulates a traditional show ring aesthetic while catering to the specific needs of lead rein and first ridden ponies. With its attention to rider stability, grip, and fit, it's an ideal choice for young equestrians participating in working Hunter Show competitions, offering both a secure and stylish platform to showcase their skills.


This saddle accommodates a Narrow - XXXXWide Gullet Plate 


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€1,497.60Sale Price

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