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Introducing the GFS Monarch Flash Bridle: Where Tradition Meets Affordability


Experience the perfect blend of tradition and practicality with the GFS Monarch Flash Bridle, a classic and versatile choice designed for both cobs and ponies. This entry-level bridle caters to everyday riding needs while embracing the timeless elegance that is synonymous with equestrian style.


Time-Honored Comfort:

The GFS Monarch Flash Bridle embodies the essence of comfort through its traditional design. Created for cobs and ponies, this bridle guarantees a comfortable fit, ensuring that your equine partner feels at ease during every ride.


Everyday Elegance:

From daily outings to training sessions, the GFS Monarch Flash Bridle effortlessly transitions between various riding scenarios. It is a testament to the idea that practicality and sophistication can coexist, offering you a taste of equestrian tradition without compromise.


Enhanced Control:

Complete with rubber grip reins, the GFS Monarch Flash Bridle ensures you maintain a secure hold and precise communication with your horse. This thoughtful feature guarantees confident control during your rides.


Endorsement of Excellence:

Approved by esteemed equestrian bodies including FEI, BE, and BD, the GFS Monarch Flash Bridle speaks to the commitment of quality and craftsmanship that defines our brand. Trust in a bridle that aligns with the highest standards of performance and design.


Elevate Your Equine Journey:

The GFS Monarch Flash Bridle is more than just a bridle – it's an embodiment of tradition and value. Experience the intersection of timeless design, comfort, and reliable functionality as you embark on countless rides with your cob or pony.


Discover the essence of equestrian tradition with the GFS Monarch Flash Bridle. Elevate your riding experience with a bridle that encapsulates the charm of classic design while ensuring your equine partner's comfort and your control remain paramount.


  • Shaped and padded headpiece 
  • Shaped crystal browband 
  • Raised leather detailing 
  • Free rubber grip reins 
  • Made in Walsall England 


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€73.92Sale Price

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