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These are 'NOT' trial saddles and are available for direct purchase only!


You should only purchase this saddle if you are sure this is the saddle you require.


If you have any doubts we suggest you contact us for advice.



  • X-Change Gullet System 
  • Siliconized Wool Flock 
  • X-Change Girthing Option 
  • Polymer Synthetic Saddle Tree
  • Front Gusset To Enable Fit Adjustment


Through dedicated research and development, the GFS Monarch Apex GP High Wither Saddle is innovatively crafted to cater to horses with higher withers. This unique design is achieved by incorporating longer points and a deeper rear gusset, enhancing the saddle's fit and ensuring proper clearance. Additional front gussets offer versatility, providing various fitting options for an accurate fit. The slightly dropped panel further supports the saddle, ensuring ample clearance.


The Apex GP High Wither Saddle seamlessly blends design elements, including a slightly forward-cut flap. This versatility makes the saddle suitable for various disciplines, catering to riders across different equestrian activities.


In essence, the GFS Monarch Apex GP High Wither Saddle stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to research-driven innovation. By addressing the needs of horses with higher withers, this saddle offers an optimal fit, comfort, and support, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking versatility and performance across multiple equestrian disciplines.


This saddle accommodates a Narrow - XXWide Gullet Plate 


€1,950.00 Regular Price
€1,872.00Sale Price

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