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Professional two-flap show jumping saddle that delivers the feeling of closeness the rider wants with the pressure-relieving fit the horse needs.


A finely honed low-profile seat gives the rider that sought-after close-contact feel.


  • The only jump saddle to be scientifically tested with pressure mapping under the saddle and under the rider, combined with simultaneous two-dimensional and three-dimensional analysis of both horse and rider.
  • Finely honed, low-profile seat for a feeling of closeness
  • Deep cushioned knee pad
  • Girthing options for optimised stability



Scientifically researched - All Fairfax saddles are designed using the scientific research and development that goes into our Performance and World Class ranges. Every saddle benefits from our pressure-relieving design experience – so the horse benefits too!

Changeable Gullet Bars -All fairfax saddles feature a changeable gullet bar (either S-Bar or R-Bar) which allows the saddle fitter to choose the width fitting that best suits the profile of the horse’s withers. The bars can be changed quickly and easily as the horse develops or changes shape.

RangeWorld Class
ColourBlack, Brown
Seat Sizes17", 17½"
Changeable Gullet  N/M to XW/XXW
Gullet Bar TypeR-Bar


€3,950.00 Regular Price
€3,792.00Sale Price

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