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The new Polaris XC Cross Country Monoflap Jump Saddle has been specifically designed to suit the larger or taller rider. Featuring a roomier seat and scaled up flaps to accommodate the longer leg and/or bigger thigh.


This saddle features the ground-breaking Fairfax Performance Panel which is scientifically proven to reduce saddle pressure and increase shoulder & knee flexion over a fence, resulting in better clearance.
The weight-bearing part of the panel under the rider’s seat is separated from the part under the rider’s knee (which lies over the horse’s shoulder). This allows the horse’s shoulder independence of movement.


Scientifically researched
All Fairfax saddles are designed using the scientific research and development that goes into our Performance and World Class ranges. Every saddle benefits from our pressure-relieving design experience – so the horse benefits too!

Prolite®-lined panel

The wool-flocked panels are lined with a layer of Prolite® for proven pressure distribution, while still allowing for traditional re-flocking on site.

Changeable Gullet Bars

All saddles feature a changeable gullet bar (either S-Bar or R-Bar) which allows the saddle fitter to choose the width fitting that best suits the profile of the horse’s withers. The bars can be changed quickly and easily as the horse develops or changes shape.


  • Available in 17½" and 18" standard versions. 
  • The 17½" is also available in a long leg version and the 18" is also available in a short leg version. 
  • Covered in grippy Italian calf.
  • Wool flocked full panel.
  • Unique monoflap girthing options.


ColourBlack, Brown
Seat Sizes17½", 18"
Changeable Gullet  N/M to XW/XXW
Gullet Bar TypeR-Bar


€3,250.00 Regular Price
€3,120.00Sale Price

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