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The Envy Motion dressage saddle is made by the makers of Aviar, Custom, Wolfgang, Signature and Icon dressage saddles. 

The Envy motion has been produced to offer a cost effective premium level, generic fitting dressage saddle to the range.

Specifically the Envy Motion features a broad, supportive seat for added comfort and an open pommel for increased wither clearance.

Offering similar fitting credentials and all the same features as the other saddles in the saddlery's range, the Envy range are incredible value at just over half the price of saddles such as the Aviar models.
To be honest you would need to be an expert to tell the difference between the two.


These are exceptionally well built saddles that easily rival their more expensive counterparts.

The Envy saddles are very serious dressage saddles.



    Custom Saddlery, Icon, Signature, Aviar, Wolfgang & Envy saddles can not be ordered online because -


    • They can only be purchased through consultation.


    Used and Ex-demonstration saddles are often available offline! Contact us for options!


    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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