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Bates Leather Balsam is specially formulated to strengthen the core of the leather, so that it remains supple and protected from the elements and surface wear. Bates Leather Balsam can be used on all leather products but is specially formulated for Bates Saddles and accessories.


To use, first prepare your leather product with Bates Glycerine Saddle Soap to remove any surface dirt and oil.

Once clean and dry, apply Bates Leather Balsam liberally with a soft cloth working it into the leather in circular motions. Allow time for the balsam to be absorbed, overnight if required. Polish off any excess.

Bates wax-based leather balsam will penetrate deeply into the leather, creating a surface barrier to protect against wear, water, and sweat. 

BATES LEATHER BALSAM 90g, 130ml, 220ml, 510ml

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