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Introducing the Barclay & Co 420LM Liberte Mono Flap XC Cross Country Jump Saddle, the ultimate choice for cross country riders seeking a close contact and high-performance saddle. Designed with precision and attention to detail, this saddle provides a seamless connection between horse and rider, allowing for enhanced control and agility on the cross country course.


The Liberte Mono Flap is an open-seated saddle with a laid-back cantle, offering ample seat room for riders. This design ensures optimal comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to maintain a balanced position and make quick adjustments during intense cross country rides.


With its narrow twist and forward leg position, the Barclay & Co 420LM Liberte Mono Flap XC Jump Saddle promotes a secure and effective riding posture. The narrow twist allows for a closer contact feel, enabling riders to communicate subtle cues to their horse with ease. The forward leg position supports proper alignment and balance, facilitating quick and efficient riding over challenging terrain.


The wool flocked panels of the saddle are not only adjustable but also feature Barclay's Shock absorber panel system. This innovative system provides exceptional fit and shock absorption, ensuring comfort and protection for both horse and rider. The panels conform to the horse's back and distribute pressure evenly, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury during demanding cross country rides.


The Barclay & Co 420LM Liberte Mono Flap XC Jump Saddle is constructed exclusively on the Beebee & Beebee Ngage Tree, known for its exceptional fit and durability. This tree ensures that the saddle maintains its shape and stability, even during rigorous cross country riding.


€1,995.00 Regular Price
€1,915.20Sale Price

    Barclay & Co. saddles can not be ordered online and will never be in stock on our website because -


    • They require our specialised and professional guidance before you order.
    • These saddles have huge potential for customisation.
    • These saddles will require a custom production order.
    • Your rights of return will be affected.



    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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