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The Raavun version 2.0 with an open pommel. The Aviar Raavun is an excellent choice for the horse with a medium to higher wither. The seat is deep, broad and supportive; allowing the rider a comfortable and natural position.

Introducing Aviar Saddles: Where Luxury Meets Unparalleled CraftsmanshipIn the world of equestrianism, luxury is defined by meticulous attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned. Aviar Saddles embraces this ethos, right down to the hidden feather, a symbol of strength, passion, speed, and flight. Adorning each Aviar saddle, the feather serves as an elegant affirmation of the brand's distinctive identity—a universally recognizable signature.


At Aviar, we have revolutionised saddle design, reimagining the shape and materials that compose its very essence. Our innovative approach led to the creation of exquisitely lightweight and anatomically designed saddle trees. The materials used in these new trees not only enhance feedback during rides but also establish an unprecedented connection between horse and rider. With its sculptural form, our saddle ensures superior comfort for the horse, surpassing the traditional saddles of yesteryears. Crafted from a special composite blend, our trees boast remarkable hyper-flexibility, while maintaining exceptional stability through our unique pressure relief system—a groundbreaking technology developed solely by Aviar Saddles. The result is the Hyperflex™ tree, which enables optimal movement and an unparalleled bond with your horse, encompassing both lateral and horizontal flex.


In the realm of equestrian innovation, the Aviar Pressure Relief System™ (PRS) stands as an industry first. Working seamlessly with the anatomically designed trees, the PRS efficiently distributes the rider's pressure evenly across the horse's back. This not only fosters heightened feedback and an extraordinary connection between horse and rider but also imbues the horse with comfort and fluidity of movement—an equestrian experience like no other.


Welcome to a new era of horse fitting with the Aviar Click System™. Gone are the days of painstakingly hand-stitched panels that limit adaptability. Embracing the industry's first Click System™, Aviar Saddles empower riders with effortless horse fitting. Our revolutionary hardware design allows for quick and easy panel changes, adjustments, and replacements. Coupled with a fully adjustable tree and an extensive array of panel shapes, your Aviar saddle becomes a perfect fit that evolves with your horse's ever-changing structure.


Aviar Saddles embody the essence of lightweight construction and engineering. Through the meticulous selection of materials, our saddles achieve an astonishingly light core, dramatically reducing overall weight. This exceptional feat enhances the connection between horse and rider, elevating the feedback experienced while riding. Moreover, the lightweight structure of Aviar Saddles ensures maximum comfort for the horse, complemented by improved practicality for riders.


Embrace the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship with Aviar Saddles—a brand that redefines the art of horse riding. Our dedication to innovation, comfort, and the unwavering bond between horse and rider is unmatched. Experience the Aviar difference today.



    Custom Saddlery, Icon, Signature, Aviar, Wolfgang & Envy saddles can not be ordered online because -


    • They can only be purchased through consultation.


    Used and Ex-demonstration saddles are often available offline! Contact us for options!


    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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