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These are 'NOT' trial saddles and are available for direct purchase only!


You should only purchase this saddle if you are sure this is the saddle you require.


If you have any doubts we suggest you contact us for advice.


Achieve Harmonious Movement with the Arena Pony Dressage Saddle


Introducing the Arena Pony Dressage Saddle, a masterpiece of balance and craftsmanship designed to enhance the connection between you and your horse. Whether in training or competition, this saddle will bring you closer to your horse, allowing for seamless communication through your seat and leg aids.


Crafted with precision, the Arena Pony Dressage Saddle is a testament to both functionality and aesthetics. Its beautiful balance ensures that you and your horse move together in perfect harmony, enabling you to deliver your aids with precision and clarity. With this saddle, you will feel intimately connected to your horse's movements, facilitating a deeper understanding and enhancing your performance in the dressage arena.


The Arena Pony Dressage Saddle is not only designed to benefit you, but it also prioritizes the comfort of your horse. The adjustable features of this saddle allow for a customized fit, ensuring your horse's optimal comfort and freedom of movement. When your horse is comfortable, it can move with grace and fluidity, allowing for expressive and precise dressage movements.


The Arena Pony Dressage Saddle incorporates world-leading HART performance systems: the CAIR Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution. The CAIR Cushion System utilizes air-filled panels to distribute pressure evenly across your horse's back, offering fluid cushioning that enhances your horse's comfort and minimizes the risk of discomfort or soreness. The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution provides unmatched flexibility, allowing you to achieve a customized fit tailored to your horse's unique conformation. With these innovative systems, you can be assured of your horse's absolute comfort, bringing you peace of mind as you focus on your dressage journey.


Available exclusively in black, the Arena Pony Dressage Saddle exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek design complements your dressage attire, making a statement of both style and performance in the arena.


Choose the Arena Pony Dressage Saddle and experience the pinnacle of equestrian artistry. With its HART performance systems, adjustable features, and attention to detail, this saddle promotes a seamless connection between you and your horse, allowing for unparalleled movement and expression. Ride with confidence, deliver your aids with precision, and embrace the beauty of dressage with a saddle that embodies grace and performance.


Beautiful detail | Comfortable for you and your horse | European leather | Quality workmanship | HART


Weight: Approximately 4 kg/8.8 lb


€1,208.00 Regular Price
€1,159.68Sale Price

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