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Every new Bates Arena and Wintec saddle utilises HART technology which allows the saddle to be fully adjustable and comfortable for the horse and rider.

The Easy Change Risers are exactly that - Easy to change by way of the pocket that runs the length of the channel on the underside of the saddle. The channel is very simple to find and open and the front, centre and rear shims are simply removed or replaced as required depending on where the saddle needs to be shimmed and padded.


The Pony saddles and the Jump saddles use the same risers! All other Bates, Arena and Wintec saddles use the standard risers!

The Pony/Jump saddle Riser/Shims are only available in 4mm and 8mm.

All Bates, Arena and Wintec Risers and Shims are sold in pairs.


€15.00 Regular Price
€14.40Sale Price

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    PRE-ORDER - Easy Change products usually ship within 1 - 3 weeks.


    Use the blue 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button for detailed advice & pre-order specifics.

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