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Experience Enhanced Riding Balance and Support with the Arena All Purpose Pony GP Saddle


Introducing the Arena Pony All Purpose GP saddle, the epitome of excellence in equestrian craftsmanship. This remarkable saddle combines the finest materials with innovative features to deliver an unparalleled riding experience. 


The Arena Pony All Purpose GP saddle is designed to provide the young rider with better riding balance and support, allowing you to excel in any discipline, whether it's flatwork or leisurely hacking. The utilisation of HART Technology Panels ensures optimal weight distribution, resulting in improved balance and a harmonious connection between you and your horse. With this saddle, you can confidently navigate any riding situation, knowing that you are fully supported.


The easy change gullet system is another standout feature of the Arena Pony All Purpose GP saddle. This innovative system allows for effortless customization, enabling you to adapt the saddle to your horse's changing needs. Achieving the perfect fit has never been easier, providing both you and your horse with unparalleled comfort.


But it doesn't stop there. When it comes to ensuring your horse's absolute comfort, the Arena All Purpose GP saddle incorporates world-leading HART performance systems: the CAIR Cushion System and the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution. The CAIR Cushion System utilizes air-filled panels to distribute pressure evenly across your horse's back, offering fluid cushioning that maximizes comfort and minimizes the risk of soreness or discomfort. The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution allows you to customize the fit of the saddle to your horse's unique conformation, ensuring a tailored and personalized experience.


With the Arena All Purpose Pony GP saddle, you can ride with confidence, knowing that every aspect of this saddle has been carefully designed to prioritize your horse's well-being. The adjustable features guarantee that your horse will be as comfortable as you are, whether you're engaging in precise flatwork or enjoying a relaxing hack. The exceptional flexibility provided by the HART performance systems guarantees a customized fit and unparalleled cushioning, allowing your horse to perform at its best.


Choose the Arena Pony All Purpose GP saddle for an elevated riding experience that combines functionality, comfort, and professional performance. Invest in this exceptional saddle and embark on a journey of harmony and success with your equine partner.


Beautiful detail | Comfortable for you and your horse | European leather | Quality workmanship | HART

Weight: Approximately 6 kg/13 lb


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€1,159.68Sale Price

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