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Introducing the WRS Valentino Jump Saddle, a true masterpiece in the world of equestrian equipment. With its captivating, modern design, this saddle is guaranteed to catch the eye of any discerning rider. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it offers a multitude of benefits that enhance both performance and comfort.


One of the key features of the Valentino Jump Saddle is its remarkable lightweight construction, which ensures an effortless and agile riding experience. This saddle embraces a close-fitting design, allowing for a seamless connection between horse and rider. By prioritising freedom of movement, it maximises the range of motion in the back and shoulders, enabling your equine partner to perform at its best.


Designed to provide unparalleled stability, the Valentino Jump Saddle achieves this through meticulous optimisation of the block positioning. This strategic placement ensures that the rider feels secure and supported, even during the most demanding jumps. You can trust this saddle to keep you in perfect balance and harmony with your horse, enhancing your confidence and overall riding performance.


Customisability is a core aspect of the Valentino Jump Saddle. It is available with either a flocked or foam panel, allowing you to tailor the saddle to your horse's specific needs. Whether you prefer the traditional adjustability of flocked panels or the advanced shock-absorption properties of foam panels, the Valentino Jump Saddle offers you the flexibility to select the option that suits you and your horse best.


€2,340.00 Regular Price
€2,246.40Sale Price

    WRS Walsall Riding Saddles can not be ordered online and will never be in stock on our website because -



    • They require our specialised and professional guidance before you order.


    • These saddles have huge potential for customisation.


    • These saddles will require a custom production order.


    • Your rights of return will be affected.



    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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