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The brilliant Ideal Jessica dressage saddle is one of our most sought after dressage models. This saddle is super popular with Connie’s, ponies and warmbloods as it always seems stable, offers good shoulder freedom and sits lower at the withers than many other makes. The blocks are a regular size but combined with the open seat, it is surprisingly secure and holds the rider in great balance. This saddle has soft flocking and is in good all round condition. There has been a professional repair to the front flap on the left as can be seen in the pics. This is very discreet and purely cosmetic. 


SKU: osf3751

    All of our used saddles are valued, assessed and approved by our True Master Saddle Fitter and Chief Advisor.


    Our used saddles can be purchased through -


    • Trials by default in Ireland N & S.



    • Online to the UK, USA & Canada.


    • Offline to all Non-EU countries.



    When you work with Saddles Ireland you are guaranteed the highest levels of service, value and professional understanding.

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