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This stunning dressage saddle is the H&C model which stands for Highland and Cob and it is suited to low withered broad types of ponies, horses and cobs. The Ideal Jessica has always been a go - to saddle for Connie’s and native types, Irish Draughts and cobs. Hard to come across in this extra wide, hoop tree version. It is just one of those models that seems to work where others fail! The seat is generous, semi deep and well padded. The knee blocks are huge and moveable. If we see these saddles we always grab them!


SKU: csf3573

    All of our used saddles are valued, assessed and approved by our True Master Saddle Fitter and Chief Advisor.


    Our used saddles can be purchased through -


    • Trials by default in Ireland N & S.



    • Online to the UK, USA & Canada.


    • Offline to all Non-EU countries.



    When you work with Saddles Ireland you are guaranteed the highest levels of service, value and professional understanding.

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