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These are 'NOT' trial saddles and are available for direct purchase only!


You should only purchase this saddle if you are sure this is the saddle you require.


If you have any doubts we suggest you contact us for advice.


  • X-Change Gullet System 
  • Siliconized Wool Flock 
  • X-Change Girthing Option 
  • Polymer Synthetic Saddle Tree
  • Front Gusset To Enable Fit Adjustment


The GFS Monarch Cob Jump Saddle is purposefully designed to suit wider, cob shaped horses. This forward-cut saddle includes a channel through its middle that ensures clearance on both sides of the spine, making it particularly well-suited for broader horses. 


The saddle's panel is thoughtfully crafted to be slightly less angular, enhancing the load-bearing surface across the horse's back. This design feature promotes even weight distribution and comfort for the horse.


The Monarch Cob Jump Saddle stands out with its flatter seat, which offers riders increased flexibility and adaptability during their rides. Velcro front and rear flexi blocks provide versatility, allowing riders to easily adopt various positions and accommodate different leg lengths.


Featuring the Xchange girth strap system, this saddle offers both point and balance options. This system ensures the saddle achieves the desired fit, providing security and comfort for both horse and rider.


In summary, the GFS Monarch Cob Jump Saddle is meticulously engineered to cater to wider horses. Its thoughtful design, which includes a well-proportioned panel, a flexible seat, and adjustable features, makes it an excellent choice for riders seeking optimal performance and comfort when jumping.


This saddle accommodates a Narrow - XXWide Gullet Plate


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€1,795.20Sale Price

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