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This saddle includes a fitted gullet of your choice and 2 FREE extra gullets worth upto €60.00


This saddle is available for trial within Ireland or for export globally.


So rare to find secondhand and in fabulous condition. This saddle was sold by us new and we are delighted to sell it again lightly used. These saddles have deep, secure seats, and the knee block is fixed and large. They offer a surprisingly close ride for a GP. Moveable girth straps, soft wool flocked panels and changeable gullet are just a few of their features. This model could be suited to horses with medium to high withers.



SKU: csf3724

    All of our used saddles are valued, assessed and approved by our True Master Saddle Fitter and Chief Advisor.


    Our used saddles can be purchased through -


    • Trials by default in Ireland N & S.



    • Online to the UK, USA & Canada.


    • Offline to all Non-EU countries.



    When you work with Saddles Ireland you are guaranteed the highest levels of service, value and professional understanding.

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