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Introducing the new Bates Isabell Icon, a saddle that offers exceptional freedom, perfect balance, effortless alignment, and unrivaled connection. Your journey begins here.

For You:
Beneath its elegant lines, the Bates Isabell Icon boasts a perfect dressage seat and cutting-edge saddle innovations that can be tailored to your specific biomechanics while riding. By optimizing the saddle to your natural position, your balance and stability are enhanced, allowing you to ride in complete synergy and bring your vision to life.

For Your Horse:
Engineered to adapt to your horse's movements with absolute comfort, the Bates Isabell Icon ensures that your horse displays strength and suppleness in every stride. You'll immediately notice an accentuated connection and a more responsive horse, attuned to your aids.

Perfecting the Bates Isabell Icon Seat:
You'll feel closer to your horse than ever before with the Bates Isabell Icon seat. Its ultra-narrow waist brings you low to your horse, providing just enough support to move in harmony and deliver aids cleanly.

Luxe Leather:
When it comes to luxury and the ultimate riding feel in the seat, nothing compares to Luxe Leather, the finest calf-leather in the world. Luxe Leather offers soft elasticity, exceptional grip, beautiful depth of color, and strength, providing unparalleled comfort and prestige.

Redefined Movable Overgirth Stability for Dressage:
The movable overgirth wraps the saddle flaps around your horse, delivering an unrestricted feel of your horse's body and stabilizing the supple flap. With enhanced contact, you'll enjoy a stable lower leg, making even the most demanding moves appear effortless. Place the overgirth in the optimal position to lie centrally between your girth points, ensuring perfect presentation.

Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar:
Perfect Balance for Strength and Control:Achieve perfect balance by selecting the optimal alignment in the saddle. When balance becomes effortless, your strength and precise aids delivery are amplified, resulting in an ultra-sensitive and responsive connection with your horse.

Adjustable Flexibloc System Subtle and Effective Support:
The discreet Flexibloc system provides exceptional support below the saddle flap, working harmoniously with your position and seat. It offers luxurious soft cushioning and ensures exceptional security.

Refined Elegance:
A Work of Art for Classical Presentation:A showpiece in any stable, the Bates Isabell Icon showcases elegant detailing that celebrates Isabell Werth's journey to becoming an icon of our sport. With its simple and understated design, it presents a classically neat appearance, befitting the glamour of dressage while offering luxurious comfort for both horse and rider.

Adjustable Y-Girthing System:
Achieve an equal distribution of pressure along the length of the saddle tree, ensuring tremendous stability. When adjusted for each individual horse, this girthing system minimizes "white noise" and promotes clear communication between you and your horse. The streamlined adjuster fitting provides perfect seamless contact without any lumps.

Bates SynergyPanel The Ultimate in Close Contact Dressage Performance:
Exclusively available in Bates Saddles, the ultra-fine and low-profile SynergyPanel sculpts away from your horse's shoulder, seamlessly transitioning contact onto your horse's body. This design frees the shoulder and optimizes space around the wither. The panel also allows your leg to channel seamlessly, enabling your horse to feel your aids like never before. The CAIR Cushion System provides soft cushioning, allowing your horse to extend, lift, and round to their fullest potential.

HART The Greatest Competitive Advantage:
HART (Horse and Rider Technology) offers the greatest gift for any horse—a premium saddle that allows them to move freely, reach their fullest potential, and adapts to their development, growth, and changing needs throughout their training levels. With HART, you can rest assured that you're protecting your horse's back with unparalleled comfort.

Isabell Werth:

Isabell Werth's remarkable successes have made her an icon in our sport, with a medal tally that is unlikely to ever be matched. Her saddle is one of her proudest achievements. Renowned for instantly improving rider position and confidence, Isabell's saddle serves as her communicator with her horse—a second skin that delivers connection, rider balance, and horse comfort. With over 35 years of competition experience and 90 years of saddle innovation, the Bates Isabell Icon stands alone as a state-of-the-art saddle for high-performance dressage.


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