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Introducing the Barclay & Co 852TD Theoden Dressage Saddle, specifically designed for modern, smaller, and powerfully built dressage horses with a broad frame, thick spinal process, and a more contoured back. This saddle combines advanced design features to accommodate the unique conformation of these horses while providing optimal fit and rider comfort.


The Theoden Dressage Saddle features a tree with a very open front arch, perfectly suited for dressage horses that have developed shoulders. This design allows for freedom of movement in the shoulder area, enhancing the horse's performance and comfort during dressage movements. Additionally, the tree incorporates a more natural curve in the side rails, ensuring an optimum fit for horses that are croup high.


The saddle comes as standard with a cupped over kneeblock, providing additional support and stability for the rider. The cupped kneeblock aids in maintaining a correct leg position, allowing for effective communication between rider and horse. The super soft latex foam seat enhances rider comfort, providing a cushioned and luxurious feel during extended dressage sessions.


The Theoden Dressage Saddle also features Barclay's Shock absorber panel system, which offers exceptional shock absorption and pressure distribution. This system helps minimize discomfort and pressure points, ensuring the well-being of both horse and rider.


Exclusively constructed on the Beebee & Beebee 3 Dressage saddle tree, the Theoden Dressage Saddle guarantees a precise and comfortable fit. This tree is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of modern dressage horses with broad frames and contoured backs.


€1,995.00 Regular Price
€1,915.20Sale Price

    Barclay & Co. saddles can not be ordered online and will never be in stock on our website because -


    • They require our specialised and professional guidance before you order.
    • These saddles have huge potential for customisation.
    • These saddles will require a custom production order.
    • Your rights of return will be affected.



    For advice use the 'REQUEST PRODUCT INFORMATION' button.

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